Filing a Grievance

If you believe that an attorney has acted in an unethical manner and is in violation of the New Hampshire Rules of Professional Conduct, you may file a grievance. When filing a grievance, you are asked to include the following information:

  1. the name and address of the attorney;
  2. a brief description of the legal matter which gave rise to your grievance;
  3. a detailed factual description of the lawyer’s conduct;
  4. the relevant documents that illustrate the conduct of the attorney or, if you are unable to provide such documents, an explanation of why you are unable to provide them;
  5. what proof is to be provided, including the names and addresses of witnesses, to establish a violation of a disciplinary rule;
  6. the date(s) of the event(s) you describe.

There are two ways to file a grievance:

  1. You may complete and submit the electronic form below. A copy of your grievance must also be sent to the attorney about whom you are filing a grievance.
  2. You may write us a letter, which includes all of the information noted above. Your grievance letter must be signed under oath, and a copy of the letter and enclosures must be sent to the attorney about whom you are writing. Click the following to view/download an oath form that you must sign and a Certification of Copies Form. Both of these forms need to be completed and included with your letter when you submit it to this office. A copy of your grievance must also be sent to the attorney about whom you are filing a grievance.


NOTE: Fields marked with an asterisk () in the form below are required.

Your Information

Preferred contact telephone number(s):

Information Regarding the Attorney You Are Complaining About
Please Answer the Following Questions
Information Regarding Your Complaint

Attach any supporting documentation related to your grievance. (For example, this might include copies of court documents or orders, billing records, correspondence, etc.) Please upload one file, 32 MB or smaller, per field.

Affirmation and Signatures

I hereby swear or affirm under the pains and penalties of perjury that the information contained in this grievance is true to the best of my knowledge.

I certify that I have sent a copy of this grievance, including any attachments, to the attorney against whom this grievance is filed.